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About Us

Aashiana is an organization for helping the poor and the needy, especially those who are in distress. Our aim is to improve the social, economic, intellectual and mental condition of distressed people.

Aashiana is a shelter for every one regardless of their religion, region, caste, creed, tribe, age and sex.

The only religion for Aashiana is Human Religion i.e. Humanity. Aashiana looks forward to extending a helping hand to those who have nobody to look after them including children, physically or mentally challenged people, aged or young people, under-privileged or downtrodden people who are treated as a social liability. Aashiana aims to serve selflessly the poorest of the poor of the society.

Aashiana also intends to rehabilitate the victims of communal riots, war and natural calamities, victims of HIV / AIDS, Leprosy, Cancer, Hepatitis and such other diseases. Aashiana hopes to do extensive work in this field.

Aashiana would like to co-ordinate with likeminded people including NGOs, Individuals and Business Houses with genuine commitments to Corporate Social Responsibilities and any other Associations in various parts of the world to help, provide rehabilitation, training and helpline centers.

"We have come to this world, let us prove before we die that we have contributed something to our fellow beings."